About Us

This enchanting 'Foyer' lies on a hill overlooking a large part of the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Beirut, 14 km from the capital of Lebanon, and 600m of altitude. The congregation of the Rosary Sisters has built at Beit - Mery, an exceptional center for any kind of religious and social activity.



The purpose behind the foundation of Our Lady of Rosary Foyer comes within the prophetic and educational goals of our ethical mission. It encourages the residents to develop their human and Christian personalities in an ambience of camaraderie, harmony, and cooperation with the management that watches over them. It also promotes communication among the students since they are part of one family.





  • Heated rooms for sleeping and studying (single, double bed)
  • Lobby
  • Joint services (kitchen, refrigerator, stove, hot water, laundry, Dining Room)
  • 24/24 electricity
  • The administration shall offer special room services upon request
  • Sitting room with television

Nearby Services

  • Pharmacy
  • Mini Market
  • Library
  • Hairdresser
  • Mobile and Electronics



  • Daily mass
  • Various religious gatherings
  • Cultural and intellectual seminars and lectures



The center was prepared to give you:
- The rest and serenity in an atmosphere of prayer and meditation.
- A quiet place for spiritual retreats,tourits and families. .
- A residence for students, teachers, and employees



Documents for registration

  • A copy of the ID
  • A copy of the student ID
  • A passport photo
  • Health Certificate
  • The application should be signed by the applicant.